Headcrown Group Plc

Awards and Accreditations

As a business, we take our responsibilities to our employees, to our clients and customers and to the wider environment very seriously.  We invest significant resources in ensuring we meet the highest standards of staff welfare and training, that we produce high quality outputs, delivered in a sustainable fashion and that we meet our broader responsibilities.  We work with a wide range of external bodies, both Governmental and independent, to improve our operations.  Though the training and development of our people, review and redesign of our internal and external procedures and the identfication and monitoring of key indicators, we have been able to improve our overall performance for our clients and customers, have raised the levels of staff welfare for our people and reduced risk.


As a consequence, we have qualified for a wide range of accreditations and awards, a number of which are identified below.  While historically the three operating entities within the Group have done this independently, we are increasingly moving towards Group accreditations, as we devote more resources to sharing innovation and learning across the Group.