Headcrown Group Plc



The Headcrown Group plc is a highly successful business that has prospered since its formation in the mid 1970s.  The Group brings together a number of long standing businesses, several of which were originally founded in the mid nineteenth century.  Our management philosophy is build upon long term partnerships with clients, focusing on their specific needs and always ensuring we produce a quality product.  By concentrating our management resource close to customers, we remain flexible and adaptable, even in times of great change.  Our stable ownership allows us to focus on long term value rather than short term profits.

The Group provides the main businesses that make up Headcrown, and their senior management, a high degree of autonomy and independence. We believe this ensures our clients receive excellent service and are able to interact with the key decision makers in our business without delay. By allowing businesses flexibility, we are able to amend and adjust our local service proposition to meet the specific needs of clients without constraints imposed from above.
At the Group level, we continue to grow and develop the Headcrown business, to ensure we maintain the highest standards of staff welfare, environmental performance and ethical behaviour, to respond to the continuing changes and challenges within our sector, to maximise synergies across the group without compromising the independence of local managers and to better exploit development opportunities as they present themselves.  We also create platforms and environments to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, experiences, contacts and innovations across the Group and with our clients.