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Sustainability and Innovation

Sustainability and InnovationSustainability and InnovationSustainability and Innovation

While the Construction Industry has traditionally been reluctant to change in the face of any stimulus, the climate change agenda demands a meaningful response from our sector.  The wide range of regulatory, economic, customer and ethical pressures originating from compelling evidence of the severe consequences of the continued abuse of our environment requires a meaningful response.


We accept the need to change and have instituted a series of measures across the Group to learn more about the challenges we face, to help clients work through the sustainability agenda, both in capital and whole life cost terms, and to ensure our own environmental performance, both on- and off-site, continues to improve.


The Headcrown Group operates across a wide range of sectors, from residential development, house building for clients, education, health, to commercial and industrial.  All these sectors have different needs, concerns and pressures in this area.  By creating an effective mechansim for capturing and sharing knowledge and insight on responding to specific problems, we are able to bring the best from different sectors to the benefit of all our clients.


From delivering cost effective designs that meet the specific level of performance under the Code for Sustainable Homes or BREEAM, to having clear and evidenced views on the effectiveness of different renewable energy systems to effectively deploying lean construction techniques, we continue to invest signifcant resources to ensure we are ahead of the industry.


In addition, our property Services business is an approved installer for a number of manufacturers of renewable energy systems including Daikin and Mitsubishi.  We are actively pursuing joint ventures with MCS accredited organisations to extend our presence in the retrofit market.


We are also undertaking a number of internal environmental projects to improve our own energy use within the Group and to act as a testbed for a number of technologies.